Feb 23, 19

IAHR-HK 5MD Competition

Feb 16, 19

Re-run of coastal management challenges in the times of climate change




Aug 19, 17

One-day Workshop on “Hydro-environment under Climate Change” cum 20th Anniversary of IAHR-HK

Aug 9, 17

A CPD Course on “Flood Management in Hong Kong”

May 5, 17

技術訪問 深圳水務

Feb 24, 17

Seminar - D-Flow Flexible Mesh, the Next Generation Hydro-environment Software Suite


Jan 14, 17

Technical Visit : Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail


Dec 10, 16

Technical Visit – Rainwater Harvesting System at Shui Chuen O Public Housing Development

Dec 3, 16

Technical Visit - Yuen Long Bypass Floodway Eco Tour

Nov 12, 16

Technical Visit : Living Water & Community Revitalization

An Agricultural-led Action, Engagement and Incubation Programme at Lai Chi Wo

Nov 5, 16

Lab Visit and BBQ Gathering


Oct 22, 16

Technical Visit : Rainwater Harvesting System at Shui Chuen O Public Housing (Postponed due to poor weather conditions)

Sep 22, 16

Seminar - Statistically Based Approaches to Understanding Fluvial Bedload Sediment Transport
Speaker: Professor Simon Tait
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


Aug 22, 16

IAHR-HK Annual General Meeting

Aug 22, 16

IAHR-HK Presentation - Balancing water supply reliability and ecosystem restoration: example of the San Francisco Bay-Delta in California, USA
Speaker: Prof. Peter Goodwin,
President of IAHR, Lead Scientist for the Science Program of the Delta Stewardship Council in California,
DeVlieg Presidential Professor of Civil Engineering and founding Director of the Center for Eco-hydraulics Research at the University of Idaho

Aug 18, 16

Seminar - Open-channel turbulence: recent advances and implications for river engineering and stream ecology
Speaker: Prof. Vladimir Nikora,
School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, UK

Aug 16, 16

Seminar - Coupling of Urban Hydrology, Tunnels and Chicago Waterways Models
Speaker: Prof. Marcelo H. Garcia,
Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Jul 4, 16

Seminar - Future Studies on Eco-hydraulics in China
Speaker: Prof. Zhaoyin Wang,
Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

Jun 18, 16

Technical Visit to DSD Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme

Jun 4, 16

IAHR-HK Student Forum 2016

Apr 23, 16

Technical Visit : Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (HKBCF) Site

Apr 9, 16

Technical Visit : Green Initiatives in the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park

Nov 21, 15

Technical Visit : Reconstruction, Improvement and Rehabilitation of Kai Tak River, Upstream Section

Jul 16, 15

Technical Meeting : Performance Review of the Zero Carbon Building – User’s Perspective

May 21, 15

Seminar - Modeling coastal flooding due to storm surge in the Pearl River Estuary using D-Flow Flexible Mesh
Speaker: Dr. Qinghua Ye,
Deltares Software Center, Deltares, The Netherlands

Feb 16, 15

Seminar - Simulation of Near-field and Far-field Dispersion of Pollutants in Coastal Waters
Speaker: Dr. K. L. Pun,
Vice Chairman, IAHR-HK; Head, Department of Civil Engineering, Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Jun 20, 14

Seminar “Applications of Optimization to Water Resources”
Speaker: Prof. Christine Ann Shoemaker,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, USA

May31-Jun4, 14

Study Tour to Three Gorges

Mar 24, 14

Annual Seminar of IAHR-HK 2014 and 15th Annual General Meeting

Mar 15, 14

Technical Visit: Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works Main Pumping Station 2 and the Associated Physical Hydraulic Model

May 31, 13

Seminar “Biosensors for Water Engineering – Working in the Crossroads of Engineering and the Sciences”
Speaker: Prof. M. Jamal Deen, McMaster University, Canada

Mar 15, 13

Seminar on Environmental Impact Assessment
Speaker: Dr. James Li, Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University, Canada

Jan 26, 13

Technical Visit: Drainage Improvement Works for the Upper Tai Po River (UTPR)

Nov 17, 12

2012 IAHR-HK Student Research Forum and Post-Forum BBQ (Nov 17, 2012) (Presentations and photo album are available online)

Oct 13, 12

Technical Visit: River / Channel Improvement Projects in Shenzhen City “深圳市河道治理工程”(October 13, 2012)

Jul 9, 12

Seminar “Thin Plate Weirs for Real Engineers”

Speaker: Dr Guinevere Nalder, School of Computing and Mathematical Science, The Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Jun 16, 12

IAHR-HK AGM and Seminar by Prof. Pengzhi LIN

May 10, 12

CIWEM HK Conference 2012 - Efficient Energy Management In The Water And Waste Industry

Dec 12, 11

Multi-function Green Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility with Constructed Wetland: A Demonstration in Longgang, Shenzhen

Nov 28, 11

Stable Channel Design Workshop

Nov 11, 11

Project WATERMAN - 3D Environmental Impact Assessment System

(Presentation material available in the HKIE website)

Sep 24, 11

2011 IAHR-HK Late Summer BBQ

Jul 26, 11

Project WATERMAN - Real-time beach water quality forecast for Hong Kong

May 14, 11

CIWEM HK Water Conference 2011 - Post-Conference Workshop on Hydraulic Modelling

Mar 21, 11

Seminar “History of Modern Waterworks in China (1842-1911)”
Ir Dr. Albert Koenig, Visiting Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering,

Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong

Jan 14, 11

Seminar “Oil pollution detection using remote sensing images”
Speaker: Prof Yuanzhi Zhang, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, CUHK

Dec 13, 10

Seminar “Focusing of seismic wave and harbor resonance”
Speaker: Professor Jeng-Tzong Chen, Department of Harbor and River Engineering &
Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung,Taiwan

Dec 7, 10

Seminars on (i) “Water Level (Tide) forecast for the Yellow and East China Seas using regional ocean tide simulator”; (ii) “Construction Status of Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant”
Speaker: Professor Byung Ho CHOI, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Dec 4, 10

Technical Visit to Shatin STW

Oct 15 - 17,  10

IAHR-HK visit to Wuxi for Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management, The 60th anniversary for the Bureau of Hydrology, Changjiang Water Resources Commission

Jul 24, 10

Technical Visit to : (a) Greywater Recycling System for an Academic Institution; and (b) Water Saving Facilities in a Residential Development

Jun 16-20, 10

Visit to Wuhan: A High-Speed Rail Experience


Feb 27, 10

Technical Visit "Technical Visit to Xiangzhou Sewage Treatment Works (香洲污水處) and Xi Keng Wei Municipal Solid Waste Landfill (西坑尾垃圾填埋處置場 ) in Zhuhai"

Feb 24, 10

Technical Meeting "Review of West Tai Lake Environment Management and Treatment Plan" by Dr. Guiyi Li, Moulton Environmental Consulting.

Feb 4, 10

Technical Meeting"Review of Water Quality Objectives for Hong Kong -- Major Challenges and Opportunities" by Ir. Elvis Au, Environmental Protection Department, HK

Jan 29, 10

Seminar "CFD Modeling of Multiphase Flows in the Activated Sludge Treatment Process in Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works, Hong Kong" by Dr ZHOU Siping , Hydrosims and Arup HK

Jan 09, 10

Technical Visit to Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail Guided Tour

Dec14-19, 09

Croucher ASI on Nearshore Coastal Water Quality Research

Nov 07, 09

Technical Visit to Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel

Oct30-Nov2, 09

Field visit to YunNan


Aug 29, 09

Technical Visit to Hydraulic Models for Three Local Water and Wastewater Projects at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Jun 11, 09

Seminar ''Ancient Water Supply System of the Old Town of Lijiang, Yunnan Province'' Speaker: Ir. Dr. Albert Koenig, Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong

May 05, 09

Symposium on Sustainable Development of Wetlands for Hong Kong Ahead of 2010

Apr 03, 09

Annual seminar on ''Engineering and Environmental Applications of Hydraulics'' and AGM 2009

Feb 27, 09

Workshop on "Re-naturalization of Concrete Flood Channels in Urbanized Areas"

Dec 06, 08

Technical Visit to Pak Kong Water Treatment Works

Sep 06, 08

Technical Visit to Two Water Reclamation Plants in Dongguan and Panyu


May 25, 06

Technical seminar on ''an overview of hydrodynamic and water quality modelling in Hong Kong waters'', by Dr K.L. Pun, secretary, IAHR-HK; associate professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

May 09, 06

Seminar "Hydraulic Analyses of Urban Oil and Chemical Spills", by James Li, Ryerson University, Canada


April 06, 06

Seminar "Basic Concepts and Applications of Ecohydraulics and Ecohydrology". Speaker: Dr. D.A. Mclnnis, Calgary, Canada.


May 25, 06

Technical Seminar "an Overview of Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling in the Hong Kong Waters". Speaker: Dr. K. L. Pun, Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Feb.08, 06

Seminar by Dr. J. Roads, University of California, San Diego, California, USA

Oct. 22, 05

Technical Visit to Croucher Laboratory of Environmental Hydraulics at HKU

Sep.11-16, 05

31st International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research Congress

Aug. 8-15, 05

Study Tour to Three Gorges Project

Dec. 05

Dr. Choi elected as Honorary Fellow of IAHR-HK

Dr Choi Yu Leuk, former Director of Buildings, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, currently he is an Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, Elected as honorary fellow of IAHR-Hong Kong in December 2005 For his pioneering contributions to the development of hydraulic engineering in Hong Kong.

Jun. 14, 05

Ocean Circulation and Modeling Workshop

Apr. 30, 05

Seminars by Dr. Gan, and by Dr. Ghidaoui

Apr. 23, 05

Deep Bay Forum

Apr. 22, 05

Seminar by Dr. Friedrich Recknagel

Dec. 16, 04

IAHR-HK 2004 Annual General Meeting