Sediment Transport in the Pearl River Estuary
Dr. WAI Wing-Hong, Onyx (PolyU)

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The Pearl River estuary (PRE) plays a major role in the social, economic and cultural development of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Macau and other cities in the Pearl River Delta region. The population of the Pearl River Delta is over 20 million. The estuary supports a wide variety of fish and invertebrates that are of both fisheries and ecological interest.Moreover, PRE is a natural habitat of the Chinese white dolphin which is identified as a highly endangered species. In the recent years, the rapid economic growth in the Pearl River Delta region attracts many large-scale port and waterway projects in PRE including newly proposed projects, for example, the Tonggu Waterway project. To minimize the construction, operation and maintenance costs and possible environmental impacts of theseprojects, a good quantitative understanding of the sediment fate and transport characteristics in PRE is necessary.

(More details about Numerical Modelling of Sediment Transport in the PRE: