Categories of Membership

  • The Society shall consist of Honorary Fellows, Full Members, Associate Members, Corporate Members, and Student Members.
  • Honorary Fellowship may be bestowed by the Society through the Executive Committee upon a person with distinguished work in hydraulics related areas or significant contributions to the Society.
  • A person who, or an institution which, fulfills the following requirements may apply to become a member of the Society:
    1. Any engineer or scholar with practical and/or research experience in hydraulics may apply to become a Full Member.
    2. Any person who is interested in hydraulics may apply to become an Associate Member.
    3. Any professional, academic or educational institution in Hong Kong, or any unit or department of such an institution, which is interested in hydraulics may apply to become a Corporate Member.
    4. Any undergraduate or post-graduate students in any of the universities in Hong Kong, who is interested in hydraulics, may apply to become a Student Member.
  • The application forms for Full, Associate, Corporate, and Student Memberships must be supported by the recommendations of two Full Members of the Society, while those for Student Membership by the recommendation of one Full Member of the Society. Upon   approval of the application by the Executive Committee and the payment of the prescribed fees as stipulated below, the applicant shall become a Full Member, an Associate Member, a Corporate Member, or a Student Member as the case may be. Honorary Fellows may be nominated by Full Members of the Society and approved by the Executive Committee.

Membership Fees

  • All Members of the Society shall, upon admission to membership, pay an entrance fee at a rate prescribed by the Society acting in General Meeting from time to time.
  • All members of the Society (except Honorary Fellows) shall pay annual membership fees at rates prescribed by the Society.
  • The annual membership fee shall be due on 1 March each year for the year commencing on that day.
  • Any Member whose annual membership fee remains unpaid for six months after the due date shall cease to be a member on 1 September of the same year and his/her name shall be removed from the Register.

Membership Rights and Obligations

  • A Corporate Member shall be entitled to nominate two representatives who shall have all membership rights as Full Members.
  • Every Member, or any of its representatives in case of a Corporate Member, shall have the right to participate in the activities and to enjoy the facilities of the Society, but only Full Members and representatives of Corporate Members have the right to be elected into the Executive Committee.
  • Only Full Members and representatives of Corporate Members are eligible to vote. Each of them shall have one vote. Such Members are hereinafter referred to as the Voting Members.
  • All Members must observe and comply with the Constitution of the Society and the regulations, rules, and directives issued by the Society.
  • No Member shall use the name of the Society in his/her own personal dealings, or attempt to bring the name of the Society into disrepute with malicious intent.